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Monday, November 29, 2004


The tops of the ears are crispy. The jeans are dusty. The Sketchers are cracked along the sole. And the trip is going splendidly!

"Up the mountain..."
Our first day (which felt more like our 6th day) was a trophy day. The weather was pleasant as we bounced up the side of the naked mountain. As usual, her children were naked too as they scrambled out from behind the gates to greet the oncoming machine.

"The vision IGNITES..."
Ben Griffith and I were accompanied by a dear Haitian brother who, for reasons that are yet to be divulged, shall remain nameless. I was stunned to see this man toting a small video camera of his own. It was a very nice digital8 handycam (SONY). For those who don't know, such a possession is pretty well unheard of for Haitians.

As I plugged him with questions related to the camera, this young man produced a tape from his bag. On the spine label, in Hatian Creole was the word "Genocide." By the end of the day, he was sitting in our hotel room writing his story as I dubbed the footage over.

I won't even bother say what was on the tape, but someday soon... you will see for yourself.

"Still changing..."
The vision of Fireside International seems to be news to me as I daily encounter new and wonderful things that seem to apply to the unspeakable things my heart has been trying to get through my thick skull. On Sunday, the vision took on a new breadth. To be able to empower the people of the world to tell their OWN stories is an ever present desire of mine and soon to be an addendum to the policy of Fireside International.

Thanks again to all who have chosen to support the vision. GOD IS MOVING. There is no doubt that we are on the verge. Of what, no one knows. But a verge nontheless.



Please, now more than ever, dig deep and consider what gift you can give. 5 bucks. 10 bucks. 20 bucks. It ALL helps more than you can know. Here's an idea.

For 5 bucks, we can put some gas in the truck, which will help us to reach a city that was devastated by the Hurricane.
For a little less than 10 bucks, we can buy one videocassette which allows us to document up to 83 minutes of footage.
For 20 bucks, we can feed the crew, or the Haitians, or pay an interpreter, etc.

Give up fast food for one day and send that money. Don't see that movie... just once in your life. Whatever. Be creative.

"How to pray..."
Please pray for protection for the families that we are leaving behind with this trip. The enemy of our souls does attack home the hardest during these sorts of excursions. It's probably because our enemy knows how powerful the home can be at dictating the direction of our lives. As one comedian put it, "Happy wife... happy life."

Of course the wives and loved ones of those who are going on the trip are completely supportive. I don't mean to imply that they feel a huge sacrifice is being made. But attacks (especially those that are significant) can do a lot to work on a person's motivation. Pray for strength and resolve at home.

"In closing..."
On behalf of the suffering human beings who will directly benefit from your generosity, we say "thank you" and that we greatly appreciate your consideration in the matter at hand.

To make a donation (if you haven't done so already) please contact Ray Renner by phone at (765) 215-0180. It doesn't mean you have to have the money to us by then, but knowing what your involvement will be can help us better plan. Again, remember that all donations are tax deductible and April is closing in fast!

May God truly bless whatever you can do.

In Christ's Service,
Luke and Adrian Renner


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