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Friday, December 17, 2004

Fireside Update: Haiti.

"Taking Stock."
Well, we are home now, having officially completed our first excursion under our organization's brand new title, "Fireside International."

I am pleased (and a bit dazzled) to report that God moved tremendously during the course of this last trip to Haiti. I don't mean to say "dazzled" as though I didn't expect God's provision. It's just that, it was SO OVERWHELMINGLY EVIDENT during this trip, it got to be a little bit funny. Suffice it to say, the trip was by no means ordinary. Day after day and moment by moment, God revealed His agenda before the lenses of our cameras. We were only privy to it after the fact. It required no planning, just willingness and action. Allow me to share.

"UPDATE: Gonaives."
Gonaives was a ghost town. Unlike other parts of Haiti where I have traveled, this particular corner was completely devoid of purpose or hope. No one was smiling. Believe it or not, that's very unusual for Haiti. Walking down the dusty side-streets, we passed countless people, standing at the gates to their homes, staring blankly into oblivion. It was not quite three months after everything (and perhaps everyone) in their life had been washed away in a matter of only a few hours.

In September of 2004, as hurricane Jeanne's outer fingers would drop over a foot of rain onto Haiti's naked mountains, a silent but deadly swell of water would creep into town, just as evening was settling in. By nightfall, bodies from further upstream would begin washing through town as the water grew to a depth of over 9 feet. People scrambled to get atop two story buildings. Many were unable. Thousands died.

"Fireside International" was inspired to visit this area, so many months after the newsworthiness of her plight had subsided with the water. What we saw is difficult to describe with words. On one hand, the situation is staggeringly hopeless when you consider that this plot of God-forsaken land is approximately 700 miles from the richest nation on earth. On the other hand, some progress was being made. Some help was being offered. As it is our commitment, Fireside International seeks to educate you with the following account.

Of course, we gather LOTS more footage than what you see posted above. Unfortunately, due to our current web limitations, we can only post so much at any one time.

Thanks again to all who have chosen to support the vision. GOD IS MOVING. Plans are already underway to expand our reach and rise to bigger and newer challenges. Furthermore, we are continually doing everything we know to do at reaching larger audiences with the message of the world's overwhelming needs. Please pray for us as we passionately pursue God's direction for this organization.

If you wish to provide immediate assistance to the families and people of Gonaives, contact us via E-mail and we will help you do so.

"Our Goals."
Presently, Fireside International has the following goals:

GOAL 1: To pay off all outstanding debt and upgrade several key pieces of equipment.
***UPDATE: Through the generous support of a handful of corporations, couples, and individuals, God has just provided a brand new camera! Thanks SO MUCH to all of you who made generous contributions. We will stand fast by our vision of capturing and delivering important and real stories that will change lives. Presently, the needs in this category are still substantial. By paying off remaining debt and upgrading certain key pieces of equipment, our turnaround time will increase and we will be able to better tell more stories, faster.

GOAL 2: To develop an online website that provides information about our organization, regular news updates, online forum, regularly updated streaming video, community sponsorship programs, "Vision Quest" online application and information, and an online application for NGOs (non government organizations) who seek to secure our services in telling their story.
***UPDATE: Personnel for the creation of this online site have been secured for a staggeringly good price. We now await the necessary funds.

For any information on how to help us meet these goals, please contact us via E-mail at FirsideInt@mac.com

Thanks for visiting! Check back again for updates and more video.

May God truly bless whatever you can do.

In service to others,
Luke and Adrian Renner


Blogger Dmitry Kichenko said...

I don't know if it's appropriate to talk about it now, but I need to say, but the photography in your documentaries looks really good (I think you're working with an XL2, right) and music completes the mood of the videos.

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