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Friday, May 06, 2005

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Love you all!
Luke Renner

2005 dates are as follows:

"Vision Quest" - Trip 1
JUNE 10 - 19

"Discover Haiti" - Trip 1
JULY 9 - 15

"Vision Quest" - Trip 2
AUGUST 14 - 23

*For more information about the differences between the "Discover Haiti" and the "Vision Quest" trips, please click here. Due to the complexities of the "Vision Quest" trips, space is extremely limited. As such, those interested will be asked to fill out a basic application. That will allow us to build the best team possible for each excursion. FIRESIDE INTERNATIONAL reserves the right to refuse the "Vision Quest" experience to any person(s) it deems "unfit" (either spiritually, emotionally, physically, or otherwise). Applicants who are denied (for whatever reason) may re-apply for a future "Vision Quest" trip or immediately assume a position on the next available "Discover Haiti" trip. Do not be intimidated by the application process. We don't bite. The application process in only in place because we know exactly what you're "in for" and you do not. We don't want you to bite off more than you can chew. Also, please be aware, each "Vision Quest" trip is presently under review for possible shortening. Nine days might be a tad too long for first-time visitors to Haiti. Our results for this decision will be made known as soon as they are made.

"Base Camp Announced"
Each trip that FIRESIDE INTERNATIONAL hosts will have it's own dedicated website that acts as an information hub and as Base Camp for the groups traveling on a specific set of dates. Currently, only the "Vision Quest" sites are up for 2005. Please feel free to visit them regularly for information updates and changes. For those checking on "Discover Haiti" sites, please keep checking back for a link. It will be posted shortly.

Here are the sites:

"Vision Quest" - Trip 1

"Vision Quest" - Trip 2


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